Document:       N1438

Date:                2010/03/22

Author:             Jim Thomas

Subject:           C Floating Point Study Group – Liaison Report



The C Floating Point Study Group has met monthly by teleconference. Attendance has varied between 5 and 12, including members of WG14 and IEEE 754. These meetings cover mostly logistics and status, Meeting notes and a link to the CFP email reflector are available on the CFP wiki (contact Jim Thomas for access information).


The actually technical work has been assigned to subgroups. The Formats Subgroup has met monthly by teleconference and produced a draft specification entitled “C binding for IEEE Std 754-2008 – Formats”, which is posted on the CFP wiki, under Topics/Formats. Meeting notes for the Formats Subgroup are posted on the CFP reflector.


The original idea was for subgroups to work in parallel. However, at this point, resources are available for only one active subgroup at a time. As the Formats Subgroup is winding down, we plan to focus on Functions next, continuing with a monthly subgroup teleconference.