Document: N1734
Date: 2013-08-02
Author: Douglas Walls

Additional Suggested Technical Corrigendum for DR 428

It was pointed out at the October 2012 meeting in portland that there were additional runtime constraints that needed corrections with respect to arguments not being greater than RSIZE_MAX.

Upon investigation, all of those runtime constraints are for wide character functions which also need to be corrected in DR 433.  In Document N1733 I've provided suggested technical corrigendum that would correct those runtime constraints for both DR 428 and DR 433 using DR 433.  Here is that list of functions:

K. The snwprintf_s function
K. The swprintf_s function
K. The vsnwprintf_s function
K. The vswprintf_s function
K. The mbsrtowcs_s function
K. The wcsrtombs_s function

One additional change we might consider making is to K. tmpname_s, if only so the wording is consistent with all of the other runtime constraints about arguments not being greater than RSIZE_MAX being corrected by DR 428 and 433:

K. The tmpnam_s function

K. replace "less than or equal to RSIZE_MAX" with "not greater than RSIZE_MAX".

However, the current wording is not defective.