ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22/WG 23 N 0244
Logistics information for WG 23 Meeting #14, Kona, Hawaii, USA

Date  23 March 2010 
Contributed by  John Benito, convener, and Tom Plum, local host

WG 23 Meeting Logistics

Meeting #14 of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22/WG 23 will be held 28-30 June 2010 in Kona, Hawaii, USA. The meetings will be hosted by Plum Hall, Inc.

Meeting Location:

Royal Kona Resort
75-5852 Alii Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740 USA
Phone: +1-808-329-3111 or +1-800-919-8333
FAX: +1-808-329-9532

Be sure to mention the "Plum Hall" meeting group when making reservations. A hotel reservation form is on the WG 23 web page in PDF N0242.

Host Contact information:

Thomas Plum
Plum Hall Inc
3 Waihona Box 44610
Kamuela HI 96743
Phone: +1-808-882-1255
Fax: +1-808-882-1556

Meeting Location directions:

Fly to Kona Hawaii ("Keahole Airport"). Kona currently has non-stop service from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Tokyo, Honolulu, and other locations. Drive about 8 miles south from the airport to Palani Drive, turn right. Drive downhill on Palani Drive three blocks to the ocean. Palani Drive curves 90 degrees left, becoming Alii ("Ah Lee Ee") Drive. Drive about 1 mile south on Alii Drive to the Royal Kona Resort.

Taxis are available at Kona Airport, but most visitors will appreciate having a rental car, or making arrangements to share a rental car with another attendee.

Additional information:

Local contacts: Thomas Plum +1-808-882-1255

Arrangements for coffee breaks have been provided. Also, copying service will be available without cost to attendees.

There will be no expense incurred by ANSI, the INCITS Secretariat, or the SC22 Secretariat by the US hosting of this meeting.

Please contact Thomas Plum, who is the local host and local contact person, if any further information or organizational formalities are required.