SC22/WG20 N959


Title:                Contribution of SC22/WG20 to the 2002 CLAUI coordination meeting


Date:                2002-06-10

Source:            ISO/IEC SC22/WG20

Status:             Information

Action:             For CLAUI coordination meeting consideration


SC22/WG20, at its June 2002 meeting in Tromsø, in a positive effort to contribute to the 2002 CLAUI coordination meeting, to be held in France just before the JTC1 Plenary, agreed on the following:


·         SC22/WG20 supports resolution 1 (on merging of the 2 parts of 10646) and resolution 4 (on free publication of certain CLAUI TRs) of the 2001 Paris CLAUI coordination meeting. That should be presented at the next JTC1 meeting in the CLAUI TD report.


·         SC22/WG20 would really like an open discussion between SC2 and SC22 of the following sensitive issue about ISO/IEC 14651 management, as neither SC2, nor SC22/WG20, are able to come to a consensus whether or whether not it should be transfered from SC22/WG20 to SC2 (nobody was bold enough to make any formal proposal in that sense). The current proposals are:


·         the creation of an official rapporteur group on Ordering in SC22/WG20 (SC22/WG20/RGO) and the statutory co-location of WG20 meetings with SC2/WG2 so that both the SC20/WG20/RGO and SC2/WG2 ad hocs on ordering meet one day together while the rest of WG20's work is done in the days after or before SC2/WG2 meetings (at the minimum SC20/WG20/RO should be co-located with SC2/WG2)


·         making WG20 also a joint WG of SC2 and SC22 (SC22/WG20 and SC2/WG4?), a bit like JTC1 is a joint TC of both ISO and IEC: this would require approval by JTC1, but that would probably be simply a formality, the votes for the work items involved would then simply be done by joint ballot of the national bodies of both SCs.


·         SC2, SC22/WG20 and SC35 lack a common vision in their way to comprehend the horizontal rôle of the CLAUI TD in JTC1 and the synergy that is required to proactively come up with cultural-and-linguistic-adaptability-related new work item proposals – example: in gray zones setting directions for user-interface-controled parameters in software, for functionality developed in SC22 or SC2 – to help solve horizontal problems of JTC1. SC22/WG20 believes that these three bodies should develop such a vision together and commit themselves to it. Coordination would be much easier with such a common vision and would buy all the three bodies' will to cooperate proactively.


·         SC22/WG20 believes that the CLAUI coordination meeting should always be co-located and tighly held along with a JTC1 Plenary, and that the statutory report to JTC1 required by the CLAUI TD be made by one person designated by consensus for two years among the three heads of the concerned bodies.