SC22/WG20 N980






Swedish comments on SC2N 3616                                                    


Sweden does not agree with the statements in SC2 N3616. We ask you to attach these comments to N3616 if you are going to send it to JTC1.


Swedish Comments on CLAUI

1  Sweden (SIS) is in principle positive to CLAUI (Cultural and Linguistic adaptability and User Interface Technical Direction) and its duties.


2  CLAUI should continue as a Technical Direction’s coordinator and not as only an ad hoc group to JTC1.


3  A standing meeting agenda should be regarded as a checklist and not as the complete agenda.


4  Every invited meeting must have an agenda that includes an item for a well-identified task. A task -  not necessarily a problem. A task that is a main reason for the meeting.


5  Regular meetings should take place – if and when statement 4 is fulfilled - closely before every regular JTC1 meeting.


6  If statement 4 is not fulfilled it may be possible to arrange a CLAUI workshop meeting during the regular JTC1 meeting week. This should be seen as only a fallback possibility and not the normal situation.


7  One of the chairmen of the three coordinated parts (SCs/WG) should be the permanently appointed chairman of CLAUI and be responsible for the invitation agendas.


8  One full day might be enough for a well prepared CLAUI meeting.


9  An extra meeting can be invited if the three chairmen agree.


10  The intention must be that the work of CLAUI leads to CLAUI recommendations to JTC1/SCs or to JTC1 or to others.


11  We see the need for determination and CLAUI recommendations and decisions with a high degree of consensus in its important work area of Cultural and Linguistic adaptability and User Interface.