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Report on the Meeting of

Ad Hoc Group A - JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary

March 13, 1996, Sydney

The Ad Hoc Group A on the JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT met on March 13, 1996 during the JTC 1 Plenary meeting in Sydney, Australia. Members in attendance are listed in Attachment 1. The tasks of this Ad Hoc group were to:

1. Review and address National Body and Subcommittee comments received on the output of the 4-6 October 1995 Ad Hoc Meeting and other NB and SC contributions on the general topic of mechanization within JTC 1 (Plenary agenda items: 6.4.1 - 6.4.10, 10.5, 10.5.1)

2. Prepare JTC 1 comments on the recommendations and strategies of the ITSCG (Plenary agenda items: 14.1, 14.2)

3. Make recommendations to JTC 1 regarding requests to place documents on the World Wide Web (Plenary agenda items: 11.2.3, 11.2.4, 11.2.8)

Review of Contributions on the Strategy for Implementation of IT within JTC 1

The Ad Hoc Group noted the following documents from the 4-6 October 1995 meeting as background information for the discussion:

N 3721 Strategy Recommendations from the Ad Hoc on Implementing IT

N 3723 Revision of JTC 1's Electronic Document Distribution Formatting Guidelines

N 3724 Report/Resolutions of the NYC Meeting, 4-6 October 1995 (strategy recommendations)

N 3778 Identification and Distribution of JTC 1-Related Documentation

N 3819 Electronic Document Tips and Techniques Guide

N 3887 Use of Existing JTC 1 Standards in Implementing On-Line Creation/Distribution of Standards

N 3888 CD-ROM Use

N 3889 Collaborative Computing and Standards Development

N 3901 Draft Transition Plan for Implementation of IT in JTC 1

N 4002 Quality Issues Relating to JTC 1 Implementation of IT

N 4035 Discussion Paper of World Wide Web Aspects of the IT Implementation Strategy

The Ad Hoc Group then reviewed and addressed National Body and Subcommittee contributions contained in: N 3861 (SC 6), N 3865 (UK), N 3866 (UK), N 3867 (UK), N 3868 (Norway), N 3880 (Sweden), N 3881 (Sweden), N 3882 (Sweden), N 3883 (Sweden), N 3891 (Japan), N 3892 (Japan), N 3902(France), N 3903 (France), N 3904 (France), N 3905 (France), N 3942 (Denmark), N 3966(SC 22), N 3995 (Australia), N 3997 (Australia), N 4002 (UK), N 4007 (SC 18), N 4028(JTC 1 Sect.), N 4031 (Japan), and N 4035 (Canada).

The Ad Hoc discussion was organized according to the following subjects covered in the contributions: file formats, page layouts, encoding, file naming, read-me files, fonts/character sets, graphics, document ownership, and document registers.

The Ad Hoc agreed on proposed changes to N 3723 as indicated in a revised marked-up text version (N 4054). There was strong support that the number of acceptable file formats should continue to be reduced. Also, in order to better track current electronic document distribution documentation a new annex (Annex C) was added to the revised policy document. Instructions to the editor of the "Electronic Document Tips and Techniques Guide" document (N 3819) were prepared (see Attachment 2). Ad Hoc recommendations related to these documents are included in Attachment 3.

There were suggestions for creating additional fields in the read-me file and for document registers. However, these suggestions were deferred for later discussion.

The Ad Hoc noted that the Strategy Recommendations in JTC 1 N 3721 include a transition strategy toward the ultimate goal of a network-based (on-line) electronic distribution system. This strategy recognizes that SCs will not move toward that goal at the same pace. SCs that can move immediately to the new system should be permitted to do so and not be forced to adopt diskettes for distribution.

Other topics reviewed by the Ad Hoc for which recommendations are included in Attachment 3 were: identification and distribution of JTC 1 documents, use of the World Wide Web, use of JTC 1 standards, strategy recommendations, and transition plan for the implementation of IT in JTC 1 .

During the discussion of the World Wide Web, Dr. Makoto Ikeda of the ISO Central Secretariat gave a presentation on "Creation and Maintenance of Web Pages". The Ad Hoc thanked Dr. Ikeda for his excellent presentation which resulted in related recommendations to JTC 1 (see Attachment 3).

The Swedish contribution on the use of character sets (N 3883) was accepted and will be incorporated in the next revision of N 3721.

The Ad Hoc noted that the JTC 1 Secretariat had revised attachments 1 and 2 to N 3778 and provided cover page examples for various types of JTC 1 documents and ISO/IEC forms.

In the discussion of N 4028, the Ad Hoc referenced the draft ISO policy on the distribution of documents electronically (N 4039) and prepared a draft contribution to ITSCG on this subject (N 4053). While there was general agreement within the Ad Hoc on making some documents available, there was not general agreement on the type of documents to be made available. See Attachment 3 for the related recommendations.

ITSCG Strategies

The Ad Hoc Group reviewed the background (N 3986) and recommendations (N 3985) on the strategies of the ITSCG for implementing Information Technology. The JTC 1 Chairman had notified the Secretaries General of the ISO and IEC (N 3797) that JTC 1 would be providing input on the ITSCG strategies. The Ad Hoc Group also noted: ISO correspondence on the decisions of ISO Council concerning the ITSCG recommendations (N 4004) and an SC 30 contribution (N 3876).

The Ad Hoc prepared a proposed JTC 1 response to ITSCG on the strategies and background (N 4053) and recommended JTC 1 approval (see Attachment 3).

Request to Place Documents on the World Wide Web

The Ad Hoc Group reviewed requests from SC 21 (N 3749), SGFS (N 3614) and SC 27 (N 3938) to place documents on the World Wide Web and related contributions from France (N 3815) and the USA (N 3818). The Ad Hoc did not address the requests for placing "standards" on the WWW which were to be handled directly by JTC 1. The Ad Hoc considered all requests to be within the ISO and JTC 1 guidelines and made appropriate recommendations (see Attachment 3).

Future Meetings

The Ad Hoc was able to consider all of the input documents but not to address all of the issues raised in the contributions, e.g. relating to the strategy and transition plan. Because of the additional work that needs to be done and anticipated input on new topics, e.g. use of the World Wide Web, the Ad Hoc agreed to schedule another meeting prior to the December 1996 JTC 1 Plenary. The Ad Hoc noted that additional work could also be done by correspondence. A recommendation was drafted requesting JTC 1 authorization of the meeting.


Attendance List

Ad Hoc Group A - JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary

March 13, 1996

Name Representing

Tom Frost Chair

Jerry Smith Scribe

Hiroshi Yasuda SC 29

Clyde Camp USA

Jean-Paul Emard USA

Bo Viklund Sweden

R. L. Pritchard SC 26

Knut Lindelien Norway

Jean Stride BSI

Denis Potter BSI

Peter Gibbon UK

Keith Brannon ISO/CS

Makoto Ikeda ISO/CS

Akihiro Kondoh Japan

Yoshimobu Mitsuhashi Japan

Bruce Scott-Hill New Zealand

Paul Robinson Australia

Godfrey Williams Canada

John L. Wheeler SC 6

Bob Follett SC 22

Ingo Wende DIN/Germany

Verina Horsnell ISO TC 46

Marie-Martine Guillabert AFNOR/France

Gary S. Robinson SWG/RA

Fred Reynolds SAA/Australia

David Bruce-Steer SAA/Australia

Kevin Richardson Australia

Steve Carson SC 24

Elisabeth Blanchon SC 1

Juha Sorvari Finland

Birger Jacobsen Denmark

Jan van den Beld CH + ECMA


Ad Hoc Group A - JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary

March 13, 1996


The Tips and Techniques editor is instructed to provide text to cover the following topics in a revision of JTC 1 N 3819 and to submit it to the JTC 1 Secretariat for distribution:

1. Incorporate encouragement to use provided templates (Word) / styles (Word Perfect) and submit originator's own template/style if secretariat provided ones are not used;

2. Include URLs for useful software e.g., PDF readers, available from WWW.adobe.com;

3. Add cautionary note about repagination, even when common printable areas are used. Add guidance that, if pagination is critical, PDF should be considered;

4. Include an analysis of pros and cons of various encoding mechanisms and an indication of the source of useful software to enable participants to contribute to the work;

5. Include a proposal (Danish sourced) for file naming proposals that would enable sub directories to contain working-group level documents;

6. Include suggestion not to use special characters. This would include both word-processor specific capabilities such as smart quotes as well as the Symbol character set;

7. Adopt N 3861 Res.5, on font usage;

8. Enhance guidance on graphics usage in Clause 6 ;

9 Guidance on use of landscape format pages should be placed in both the word processor specific and general sections. ATTACHMENT 3

Ad Hoc Group A - JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT

ISO/IEC JTC 1 Plenary

March 13, 1996



JTC 1 approves the revised version of the JTC 1 policy on Electronic Document Distribution contained in JTC 1 N 4054 and resolves to apply the revision with immediate effect.


The editor of the "Electronic Document Tips and Techniques Guide" document (Mr P.A. Gibbon) is instructed to prepare a revised version of N 3819 and provide supplementary information according to the instructions to the editor in N 4055 (Attachment 2). National Bodies and SCs are requested to review the revision of N 3819 and submit comments by June 30, 1996.


JTC 1 directs its Secretariat to distribute the following documents to National Bodies and Subcommittees for comment by June 30, 1996:

N 3887 - Use of Existing JTC 1 Standards in Implementing On-Line Creation/ Distribution of Standards

N 3888 - CD-ROM Use

N 3889 - Collaborative Computing and Standards Development

N 3901- Draft Transition Plan for Implementation of IT in JTC 1

N 3995 - Comments from the National Body of Australia on the IEC TC3/447/INF Proposal for a Re-engineered Procedure for the Development of International Standards

N 4002 - Quality Issues Relating to JTC 1 Implementation of IT

N 4035 - Discussion Paper of World Wide Web Aspects of the IT Implementation Strategy

N 4051 - Creation and Maintenance of Web Pages


JTC 1 approves the response to the ITSCG strategies (N 4053) and directs its Secretariat to forward the response to the ITSCG Secretariat.


JTC 1 requests the Canadian National Body to continue development of a draft guidelines document on World Wide Web Aspects of the IT Implementation Strategy including consideration for a JTC 1 web page logo. The revised guidelines should incorporate comments received on N 3966, N 4035 and N 4051 and with consideration of N 4039.

JTC 1 requests its National Bodies and Subcommittees to provide URL addresses for JTC 1 related home pages to Dr. Makoto Ikeda, ISO Central Secretariat (ikeda@isocs.iso.ch).

JTC 1 authorizes participation by SC 22 , SC 24, and other interested SCs and WGs in the ISO web page pilot project described in N 4051. Results from the trial will be input to the revised JTC 1 guidelines document.


The Ad Hoc on JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT recommends that all of the project-related documents on page 1 of Annex A of JTC 1 N 4028 up to but not including the DIS stage, be changed from "DEF" to "OPEN" and a footnote be added in these cases saying: "the location where comments should be sent (e.g., to an appropriate NB contact) should be indicated", Recognizing that JTC 1 N 4028 is currently dependent on the draft policies in JTC 1 N 4039, the ad hoc group is also proposing comments on N 4039 supporting our rationale. The proposed changes to JTC 1 N 4028 are subject to approval of corresponding changes by ISO and IEC as recommended in document JTC 1 N 4052.


JTC 1 endorses the comments in JTC 1 N 4052 on "Draft Policy Concerning the distribution of ISO Documents Electronically For The Preparation of Standards" (JTC 1 N 4039) and instructs the Secretariat to forward the comments to the ITCSG Secretariat.


In conjunction with related requests to place JTC 1 standards on the WWW, JTC 1 instructs its Secretariat to notify ITTF of the SC 21, SC 27 and SGFS documents being made available on the WWW.

Contingent upon ITTF approval for placing the SGFS taxonomy on the WWW, JTC 1 accepts the offer of France to provide the French language version of the introductory page(s). When available, France should advise the JTC 1 Secretariat of the web address of the French language version so that it may be linked to the English language version.


JTC 1 authorizes an additional meeting of the Ad Hoc group on the Implementation of Information Technology to be held in London, UK September 30 - October 2, 1996 and appoints Mr. Tom Frost as Convenor.

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