ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 4058

Date: 1996-03-15



Secretariat: U.S.A. (ANSI)

TITLE: Resolutions of the Ninth Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1, 11-15 March 1996, Sydney, Australia

SOURCE: Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1


STATUS: Resolutions adopted at the Ninth Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1,

11-15 March 1996 in Sydney, Australia

REQUESTED ACTION: It is the intention of the JTC 1 Secretariat to issue separate communications on all Resolutions requiring action.


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Resolutions of the Ninth Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1,

11-15 March 1996 in Sydney, Australia

Extract by Keld Simonsen, only resolution 32 is reproduced.

Resolution 32 JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT

JTC 1 accepts the report of Ad Hoc Group A as given in document JTC 1 N 4055, and resolves:

1. To approve the revised version of the JTC 1 policy on Electronic Document Distribution contained in JTC 1 N 4054 and resolves to apply the revision with immediate effect.

2. To instruct the editor of the "Electronic Document Tips and Techniques Guide" document (Mr P.A. Gibbon) to prepare a revised version of N 3819 and provide supplementary information according to the instructions to the editor in N 4055 (Attachment 2). National Bodies and SCs are requested to review the revision of N 3819 and submit comments by June 30, 1996.

3. To instruct its Secretariat to distribute the following documents to National Bodies and Subcommittees for comment by June 30, 1996:

N 3887 - Use of Existing JTC 1 Standards in Implementing On-Line Creation/ Distribution of Standards

N 3888 - CD-ROM Use

N 3889 - Collaborative Computing and Standards Development

N 3901- Draft Transition Plan for Implementation of IT

in JTC 1

N 3995 - Comments from the National Body of Australia on the IEC TC3/447/INF Proposal for a Re-engineered Procedure for the Development of International Standards

N 4002 - Quality Issues Relating to JTC 1 Implementation of IT

N 4035 - Discussion Paper of World Wide Web Aspects of the IT Implementation Strategy

N 4051 - Creation and Maintenance of Web Pages

4. To approve the response to the ITSCG strategies (N 4053) and directs its Secretariat to forward the response to the ITSCG Secretariat.

5. To request the Canadian National Body to continue development of a draft guidelines document on World Wide Web Aspects of the IT Implementation Strategy including consideration for a JTC 1 web page logo. The revised guidelines should incorporate comments received on N 3966, N 4035 and N 4051 and with consideration of N 4039.

JTC 1 requests its National Bodies and Subcommittees to provide URL addresses for JTC 1 related home pages to Dr. Makoto Ikeda, ISO Central Secretariat (

JTC 1 authorizes participation by SC 22, SC 24, and other interested SCs and WGs in the ISO web page pilot project described in N 4051. Results from the trial will be input to the revised JTC 1 guidelines document.

6. To authorize an additional meeting of the Ad Hoc group on the Implementation of Information Technology to be held in London, UK September 30 - October 2, 1996 and appoints Mr. Tom Frost as Convenor.


Resolution 32A Proposals for JTC 1 Information Policy

1. That all of the project-related documents on page 1 of Annex A of JTC 1 N 4028 up to but not including the DIS stage, be changed from "DEF" to "OPEN" and a footnote be added in these cases saying: "the location where comments should be sent (e.g., to an appropriate NB contact) should be indicated", Recognizing that JTC 1 N 4028 is currently dependent on the draft policies in JTC 1 N 4039, the ad hoc group is also proposing comments on N 4039 supporting our rationale. The proposed changes to JTC 1 N 4028 are subject to approval of corresponding changes by ISO and IEC as recommended in document JTC 1 N 4052.

2. To endorse the comments in JTC 1 N 4052 on "Draft Policy Concerning the distribution of ISO Documents Electronically For The Preparation of Standards" (JTC 1 N 4039) and instructs the Secretariat to forward the comments to the ITCSG Secretariat.

3. To instruct its Secretariat to notify ITTF of the SC 21, SC 27 and SGFS administrative documents being made available on the WWW.

Contingent upon ITTF approval for placing the SGFS taxonomy on the WWW, JTC 1 accepts the offer of France to provide the French language version of the introductory page(s). When available, France should advise the JTC 1 Secretariat of the web address of the French language version so that it may be linked to the English language version.

Negative: Germany

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