ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 N0807

                                            Doc.No.:  X3J16/95-0207
                                            Date:     31 Oct 1995
                                            Project:  Programming Language C++
                                            Reply to: Ichiro Koshida
                      More Japanese Public Review Comments
                              IPSJ/ITSCJ/SC22 C++WG
1.   Organization of document
     Category: editorial
     Problem: The organization of this CD does not conform to
     ISO directives part 3.
     Proposed action: Restructure clauses of the CD as specified
     by the ISO directives part 3.
2.   Annex for portability consideration
     Category: technical
     Problem: An annex for portability consideration has not been
     provided yet. (See JTC1 resolution re subject annex)
     Proposed action: Provide the subject annex.
3.   Reference to ISO/IEC 9899/AM1.
     Category: Editorial
     Problem: It is not correct reference to AM1 of ISO/IEC 9899.
     Proposed action: Replace "ISO/IEC 9899:1990/DAM1" with
     "ISO/IEC 9899/AM1:1995".
4.   Definition of locale-specific behavior
     Category: Editorial
     Problem: The word "local convention of nationality" is
     misleading, since locale the same locale may be able
     to be shared across nations.
     Proposed action: Replace the whole sentence with
     "Behavior that depends on the subset of the environment of a
     user that depends on language and cultural conventions".
5.   Definition of locale-specific behavior
     Category: Technical
     Problem: 1) It is unclear what kind of information an
     implementation should document. Document behavior of an
     API, by locale by locale, or just says that the behavior
     is locale dependent. 2) In the former case, the requirement
     of the documentation is too tough for the implementation of
     C++ language developed on the top of POSIX conformant
     operation system. The implementation may depend on the locale
     provided by the operating system, and does not know about
     what kinds of locale is supported by the operating system,
     and the contents of system provided locales.
     Proposed action: Remove the words "each implementation shall
6.   Additional definitions
     Category: technical
     Problem: in addition to ISO/IEC 3482 series standards,
     this CD uses the ISO/IEC 9899 specific terminologies,
     such as basic character and extended character without
     any definitions.
     Proposed action: Cut and paste all required definitions
     from ISO/IEC 9899 to this CD.
7.   Definition of character
     Category: technical
     Problem: definition of character is required, since
     the definition of "character" is very critical from the
     view point of ISO/IEC 10646 support. The definition of
     "character" is NOT consistent between ISO/IEC 9899 and
     ISO/IEC 10646.
     Proposed action: Define "character" as specified by
     ISO/IEC 10646.
8.   Definition of byte
     Category: technical
     Problem: Definition of "byte" is required, since the "byte"
     used in the CD could be not necessary unit of 7 or 8 bits.
     Proposed action: Define "byte" as appropriate.
9.   Token delimiter (white space)
     Category: technical
     Problem: The source code may be written by ISO/IEC 10646.
     In the case, since ISO/IEC 10646 includes may space characters,
     so it is unclear if all of those space characters will work
     as the delimiter of token, or only SPACE, TAB, and NEW LINE
     characters work as the delimiter.
     Proposed action: Specify as appropriate
10.  Notation of character
     Category: Technical
     Problem: notation of character, such as 'a' is ambiguous
              when ISO/IEC 10646 is used as source character set.
              Note that there is at least 3 characters that
              graphic symbol are identical with LATEN SMALL LETTER A.
     Proposed action: Add an annex that contain the correspondence
              a character notation used in this CD, e.g., a, b, or c,
              and character identifier specified by ISO/IEC 10646.
11.  Foot Note 17
     Category: Technical
     Problem: wchar_t is the data type not only for outside of
              single byte character. It depend on the definition
              of byte, if this CD defines byte as defined by
              ISO/IEC 9899 C language, every character can be
              fit in a single byte when ISO/IEC 10646 is used
              as basic source code (coded) character set. If
              this CD defines byte as 7 or 8 bit (BINARY) bit
              field, no character can be fit in a single byte
              when ISO/IEC 10646 is used as basic source code
              (coded) character set.
      Proposed action: Remove foot note 17.