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20 July 1997


Programming Language C++


Sean A. Corfield

WG21 Meeting No. 19
13 July 1997

Vanderbilt Hotel
Old Brompton Road
London, UK

1. Opening and introduction

Plum convened the meeting at 18:03 GMT on Sunday, 13 July 1997.

1.1 Welcome from host

Deferred until the meeting with J16.

1.2 Roll call of technical experts

The attendance list appears as Appendix A.

1.3 Selection of chair

Plum chaired the meeting.

1.4 Selection of meeting secretary

Corfield was the secretary.

1.5 Selection of language

Plum suggested that WG21 conduct the meeting in English. No one objected.

1.6 Adopt agenda

Plum presented the proposed agenda N1071, which WG21 accepted without change.

1.7 Select drafting committee

Unruh and Rumsby volunteered. Plum said he would ask for other volunteers from J16 on Monday.

1.8 Approve minutes from previous meeting

Corfield submitted N1058 = 97-0020 for approval as the minutes of the previous meeting. WG21 accepted the minutes without change.

1.9 Review actions from previous meeting


1.10 Recognize documents


2. Liaison reports

All liaison reports were deferred until the meeting with J16.

3. New business

Plum confirmed the result of the FCD Ballot as: 17 approval, 5 disapproval, 1 abstain, 1 not voting. WG21 confirmed its intent to address all comments regardless of whether they were submitted with an approval vote or a disapproval vote.

It was agreed that the usual subgroup structure would be appropriate to handle comments at this meeting. There was some discussion about US comment CD2-17-001 which had proved controversial in the past. Plum suggested a small subgroup convene to work on this item following the guidelines suggested by Unruh in Nashua.

Plum asked heads of delegation to be responsible for drafting responses to their country's issues. Lajoie said the subgroup chairs provided this for the response to CD1 comments.

Plum noted that we should attempt to make the revised WP availability on the web as soon as possible in light of JTC1's revised distribution policy change encouraging the use of electronic distribution.

There was some discussion about the number of issues the subgroups would have to deal with at this meeting. Plum suggested that subgroups work from Monday morning through to Wednesday afternoon and start general session at 16:00. Koenig suggested that subgroups produce troff diffs directly for easier integration into the WP. It was generally agreed that subgroups should bundle minor issues together into single motions to speed up the process.

4. Review and approve resolutions and issues


5. Closing

5.1 Selection of chair for next meeting

Plum volunteered to chair the next meeting.

5.2 Establish agenda

The agenda of the Morristown meeting will be to proofread the revised WP and produce the DIS for submission.

5.3 Future meetings

The following meetings are scheduled:

5.4 Future mailings

NCITS distributes WG21+J16 documents within the US. Plum Hall pays ITIC to send documents to the national bodies.

5.5 Assign permanent document numbers


5.6 Review action items


5.7 Any other business


5.8 Thanks to host

Deferred until meeting with J16.

5.9 Recess

WG21 recessed at 20:45 on Sunday and reconvened in joint session with J16. See the corresponding WG21+J16 meeting minutes (N1108 = 97-0070).

Appendix A


Affiliation; (*) = Head of delegation

Lajoie, Josee

Canada (*)

Plum, Tom


Josuttis, Nicolai


Unruh, Erwin

Germany (*)

Koshida, Ichiro


Kamimura, Tsutomu

Japan (*)

Van Winkel, JC

Netherlands (*)

Brück, Dag

Sweden (*)

Rumsby, Steve

UK (*)

Corfield, Sean

UK / Secretary

Benito, John


Stroustrup, Bjarne


Nelson, Clark

USA (*)

Clamage, Steve

USA / J16 chair

Koenig, Andrew

USA / Project Editor