C++ Standard Library Issues List (Revision 32)

Table of Contents

Reference ISO/IEC IS 14882:1998(E)

This document is the Table of Contents for the Library Active Issues List, Library Defect Reports List, and Library Closed Issues List.

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Table of Contents

Issue Title Section Status
1 C library linkage editing oversight TC
2 Auto_ptr conversions effects incorrect NAD
3 Atexit registration during atexit() call is not described 18.3 TC
4 Basic_string size_type and difference_type should be implementation defined 21.3 NAD
5 String::compare specification questionable TC
6 File position not an offset unimplementable 27.4.3 NAD
7 String clause minor problems 21 TC
8 Locale::global lacks guarantee TC
9 Operator new(0) calls should not yield the same pointer 18.4.1 TC
10 Codecvt<>::do unclear Dup
11 Bitset minor problems 23.3.5 TC
12 Way objects hold allocators unclear 20.1.5 NAD
13 Eos refuses to die TC
14 Locale::combine should be const TC
15 Locale::name requirement inconsistent TC
16 Bad ctype_byname<char> decl TC
17 Bad bool parsing TC
18 Get(...bool&) omitted TC
19 "Noconv" definition too vague TC
20 Thousands_sep returns wrong type TC
21 Codecvt_byname<> instantiations TC
22 Member open vs. flags TC
23 Num_get overflow result Open
24 "do_convert" doesn't exist TC
25 String operator<< uses width() value wrong TC
26 Bad sentry example TC
27 String::erase(range) yields wrong iterator TC
28 Ctype<char>is ambiguous TC
29 Ios_base::init doesn't exist 27.3.1 TC
30 Wrong header for LC_* TC
31 Immutable locale values 22.1.1 TC
32 Pbackfail description inconsistent TC
33 Codecvt<> mentions from_type TC
34 True/falsename() not in ctype<> TC
35 No manipulator unitbuf in synopsis 27.4 TC
36 Iword & pword storage lifetime omitted TC
37 Leftover "global" reference 22.1.1 TC
38 Facet definition incomplete 22.1.2 TC
39 istreambuf_iterator<>::operator++(int) definition garbled TC
40 Meaningless normative paragraph in examples 22.2.8 TC
41 Ios_base needs clear(), exceptions() 27.4.2 TC
42 String ctors specify wrong default allocator 21.3 TC
43 Locale table correction Dup
44 Iostreams use operator== on int_type values 27 WP
45 Stringstreams read/write pointers initial position unclear 27.7.3 NAD
46 Minor Annex D errors D.7 TC
47 Imbue() and getloc() Returns clauses swapped TC
48 Use of non-existent exception constructor TC
49 Underspecification of ios_base::sync_with_stdio WP
50 Copy constructor and assignment operator of ios_base 27.4.2 TC
51 Requirement to not invalidate iterators missing 23.1 TC
52 Small I/O problems TC
53 Basic_ios destructor unspecified TC
54 Basic_streambuf's destructor TC
55 Invalid stream position is undefined 27 TC
56 Showmanyc's return type 27.5.2 TC
57 Mistake in char_traits TC
58 Extracting a char from a wide-oriented stream NAD
59 Ambiguity in specification of gbump TC
60 What is a formatted input function? TC
61 Ambiguity in iostreams exception policy TC
62 Sync's return value TC
63 Exception-handling policy for unformatted output TC
64 Exception handling in basic_istream::operator>>(basic_streambuf*) TC
65 Underspecification of strstreambuf::seekoff D.7.1.3 NAD
66 Strstreambuf::setbuf D.7.1.3 TC
67 Setw useless for strings Dup
68 Extractors for char* should store null at end TC
69 Must elements of a vector be contiguous? 23.2.4 TC
70 Uncaught_exception() missing throw() specification 18.6 TC
71 Do_get_monthname synopsis missing argument TC
72 Do_convert phantom member function Dup
73 is_open should be const 27.8.1 NAD
74 Garbled text for codecvt::do_max_length TC
75 Contradiction in codecvt::length's argument types TC
76 Can a codecvt facet always convert one internal character at a time? WP
77 Valarray operator[] const returning value NAD Future
78 Typo: event_call_back 27.4.2 TC
79 Inconsistent declaration of polar() 26.2.1 TC
80 Global Operators of complex declared twice 26.2.1 TC
81 Wrong declaration of slice operations 26.3.5 NAD
82 Missing constant for set elements 23.1.2 NAD
83 String::npos vs. string::max_size() 21.3 TC
84 Ambiguity with string::insert() 21.3.5 NAD
85 String char types 21 NAD
86 String constructors don't describe exceptions 21.3.1 TC
87 Error in description of string::compare() Dup
88 Inconsistency between string::insert() and string::append() NAD
89 Missing throw specification for string::insert() and string::replace() Dup
90 Incorrect description of operator >> for strings TC
91 Description of operator>> and getline() for string<> might cause endless loop WP
92 Incomplete Algorithm Requirements 25 WP
93 Incomplete Valarray Subset Definitions 26.3 NAD
94 May library implementors add template parameters to Standard Library classes? 17.4.4 NAD
95 Members added by the implementation NAD
96 Vector<bool> is not a container 23.2.5 Open
97 Insert inconsistent definition 23 NAD
98 Input iterator requirements are badly written 24.1.1 WP
99 Reverse_iterator comparisons completely wrong NAD
100 Insert iterators/ostream_iterators overconstrained 24.4.2 NAD
101 No way to free storage for vector and deque 23.2.4 NAD
102 Bug in insert range in associative containers 23.1.2 Dup
103 set::iterator is required to be modifiable, but this allows modification of keys 23.1.2 WP
104 Description of basic_string::operator[] is unclear 21.3.4 NAD
105 fstream ctors argument types desired 27.8 NAD Future
106 Numeric library private members are implementation defined 26.3.5 TC
107 Valarray constructor is strange 26.3.2 NAD
108 Lifetime of exception::what() return unspecified 18.6.1 TC
109 Missing binders for non-const sequence elements 20.3.6 WP
110 istreambuf_iterator::equal not const 24.5.3 TC
111 istreambuf_iterator::equal overspecified, inefficient NAD Future
112 Minor typo in ostreambuf_iterator constructor TC
113 Missing/extra iostream sync semantics NAD
114 Placement forms example in error twice TC
115 Typo in strstream constructors D.7.4.1 TC
116 bitset cannot be constructed with a const char* 23.3.5 NAD Future
117 basic_ostream uses nonexistent num_put member functions WP
118 basic_istream uses nonexistent num_get member functions WP
119 Should virtual functions be allowed to strengthen the exception specification? TC
120 Can an implementor add specializations? WP
121 Detailed definition for ctype<wchar_t> specialization NAD
122 streambuf/wstreambuf description should not say they are specializations 27.5.2 TC
123 Should valarray helper arrays fill functions be const? WP
124 ctype_byname<charT>::do_scan_is & do_scan_not return type should be const charT* TC
125 valarray<T>::operator!() return type is inconsistent 26.3.2 TC
126 typos in Effects clause of ctype::do_narrow() TC
127 auto_ptr<> conversion issues 20.4.5 TC
128 Need open_mode() function for file stream, string streams, file buffers, and string  buffers 27.7 NAD Future
129 Need error indication from seekp() and seekg() TC
130 Return type of container::erase(iterator) differs for associative containers 23.1.2 Review
131 list::splice throws nothing NAD
132 list::resize description uses random access iterators TC
133 map missing get_allocator() 23.3.1 TC
134 vector constructors over specified TC
135 basic_iostream doubly initialized NAD
136 seekp, seekg setting wrong streams? WP
137 Do use_facet and has_facet look in the global locale? 22.1.1 TC
138 Class ctype_byname<char> redundant and misleading NAD Future
139 Optional sequence operation table description unclear 23.1.1 TC
140 map<Key, T>::value_type does not satisfy the assignable requirement 23.3.1 NAD Future
141 basic_string::find_last_of, find_last_not_of say pos instead of xpos TC
142 lexicographical_compare complexity wrong 25.3.8 TC
143 C .h header wording unclear D.5 NAD
144 Deque constructor complexity wrong TC
145 adjustfield lacks default value NAD
146 complex<T> Inserter and Extractor need sentries 26.2.6 TC
147 Library Intro refers to global functions that aren't global TC
148 Functions in the example facet BoolNames should be const 22.2.8 TC
149 Insert should return iterator to first element inserted 23.1.1 NAD Future
150 Find_first_of says integer instead of iterator 25.1.4 TC
151 Can't currently clear() empty container 23.1.1 TC
152 Typo in scan_is() semantics TC
153 Typo in narrow() semantics WP
154 Missing double specifier for do_get() TC
155 Typo in naming the class defining the class Init 27.3 TC
156 Typo in imbue() description TC
157 Meaningless error handling for pword() and iword() Dup
158 Underspecified semantics for setbuf() TC
159 Strange use of underflow() TC
160 Typo: Use of non-existing function exception() TC
161 Typo: istream_iterator vs. istreambuf_iterator TC
162 Really "formatted input functions"? Dup
163 Return of gcount() after a call to gcount Dup
164 do_put() has apparently unused fill argument TC
165 xsputn(), pubsync() never called by basic_ostream members? WP
166 Really "formatted output functions"? Dup
167 Improper use of traits_type::length() WP
168 Typo: formatted vs. unformatted TC
169 Bad efficiency of overflow() mandated TC
170 Inconsistent definition of traits_type 27.7.4 TC
171 Strange seekpos() semantics due to joint position WP
172 Inconsistent types for basic_istream::ignore() TC
173 Inconsistent types for basic_filebuf::setbuf() TC
174 Typo: OFF_T vs. POS_T D.6 TC
175 Ambiguity for basic_streambuf::pubseekpos() and a few other functions. D.6 TC
176 exceptions() in ios_base...? D.6 TC
177 Complex operators cannot be explicitly instantiated 26.2.6 NAD
178 Should clog and cerr initially be tied to cout? 27.3.1 NAD
179 Comparison of const_iterators to iterators doesn't work 23.1 WP
180 Container member iterator arguments constness has unintended consequences 23 NAD Future
181 make_pair() unintended behavior 20.2.2 TC
182 Ambiguous references to size_t 17 WP
183 I/O stream manipulators don't work for wide character streams 27.6.3 WP
184 numeric_limits<bool> wording problems WP
185 Questionable use of term "inline" 20.3 WP
186 bitset::set() second parameter should be bool WP
187 iter_swap underspecified 25.2.2 WP
188 valarray helpers missing augmented assignment operators NAD Future
189 setprecision() not specified correctly TC
190 min() and max() functions should be std::binary_functions 25.3.7 NAD Future
191 Unclear complexity for algorithms such as binary search 25.3.3 NAD
192 a.insert(p,t) is inefficient and overconstrained 23.1.2 NAD
193 Heap operations description incorrect 25.3.6 TC
194 rdbuf() functions poorly specified 27.4.4 NAD
195 Should basic_istream::sentry's constructor ever set eofbit? TC
196 Placement new example has alignment problems Dup
197 max_size() underspecified 20.1.5 Open
198 Validity of pointers and references unspecified after iterator destruction 24.1 WP
199 What does allocate(0) return? 20.1.5 TC
200 Forward iterator requirements don't allow constant iterators 24.1.3 WP
201 Numeric limits terminology wrong 18.2.1 Open
202 unique() effects unclear when predicate not an equivalence relation 25.2.8 WP
203 basic_istream::sentry::sentry() is uninstantiable with ctype<user-defined type> NAD
204 distance(first, last) when "last" is before "first" 24.3.4 NAD
205 numeric_limits unclear on how to determine floating point types NAD
206 operator new(size_t, nothrow) may become unlinked to ordinary operator new if ordinary version replaced NAD
207 ctype<char> members return clause incomplete Dup
208 Unnecessary restriction on past-the-end iterators 24.1 TC
209 basic_string declarations inconsistent 21.3 TC
210 distance first and last confused 25 TC
211 operator>>(istream&, string&) doesn't set failbit TC
212 Empty range behavior unclear for several algorithms 25.3.7 TC
213 Math function overloads ambiguous 26.5 NAD
214 set::find() missing const overload 23.3.3 WP
215 Can a map's key_type be const? 23.1.2 NAD
216 setbase manipulator description flawed 27.6.3 Dup
217 Facets example (Classifying Japanese characters) contains errors 22.2.8 TC
218 Algorithms do not use binary predicate objects for default comparisons 25.3 NAD
219 find algorithm missing version that takes a binary predicate argument 25.1.2 NAD Future
220 ~ios_base() usage valid? TC
221 num_get<>::do_get stage 2 processing broken WP
222 Are throw clauses necessary if a throw is already implied by the effects clause? TC
223 reverse algorithm should use iter_swap rather than swap 25.2.9 TC
224 clear() complexity for associative containers refers to undefined N 23.1.2 TC
225 std:: algorithms use of other unqualified algorithms WP
226 User supplied specializations or overloads of namespace std function templates WP
227 std::swap() should require CopyConstructible or DefaultConstructible arguments 25.2.2 TC
228 Incorrect specification of "..._byname" facets 22.2 WP
229 Unqualified references of other library entities WP
230 Assignable specified without also specifying CopyConstructible 17 WP
231 Precision in iostream? WP
232 "depends" poorly defined in WP
233 Insertion hints in associative containers 23.1.2 Open
234 Typos in allocator definition WP
235 No specification of default ctor for reverse_iterator WP
236 ctype<char>::is() member modifies facet Dup
237 Undefined expression in complexity specification WP
238 Contradictory results of stringbuf initialization. WP
239 Complexity of unique() and/or unique_copy incorrect 25.2.8 WP
240 Complexity of adjacent_find() is meaningless 25.1.5 WP
241 Does unique_copy() require CopyConstructible and Assignable? 25.2.8 WP
242 Side effects of function objects 25.2.3 WP
243 get and getline when sentry reports failure WP
244 Must find's third argument be CopyConstructible? 25.1.2 NAD
245 Which operations on istream_iterator trigger input operations? 24.5.1 NAD
246 a.insert(p,t) is incorrectly specified 23.1.2 Dup
247 vector, deque::insert complexity Open
248 time_get fails to set eofbit 22.2.5 WP
249 Return Type of auto_ptr::operator= 20.4.5 NAD
250 splicing invalidates iterators WP
251 basic_stringbuf missing allocator_type 27.7.1 WP
252 missing casts/C-style casts used in iostreams 27.7 WP
253 valarray helper functions are almost entirely useless WP
254 Exception types in clause 19 are constructed from std::string 19.1 Open
255 Why do basic_streambuf<>::pbump() and gbump() take an int? 27.5.2 NAD Future
256 typo in, p17: copy_event does not exist WP
257 STL functional object and iterator inheritance. 20.3.1 NAD
258 Missing allocator requirement 20.1.5 Open
259 basic_string::operator[] and const correctness 21.3.4 WP
260 Inconsistent return type of istream_iterator::operator++(int) WP
261 Missing description of istream_iterator::operator!= WP
262 Bitmask operator ~ specified incorrectly WP
263 Severe restriction on basic_string reference counting 21.3 WP
264 Associative container insert(i, j) complexity requirements are not feasible. 23.1.2 WP
265 std::pair::pair() effects overly restrictive 20.2.2 WP
266 bad_exception::~bad_exception() missing Effects clause WP
267 interaction of strstreambuf::overflow() and seekoff() D.7.1.3 NAD
268 Typo in locale synopsis 22.1.1 WP
269 cstdarg and unnamed parameters 18.7 NAD
270 Binary search requirements overly strict 25.3.3 WP
271 basic_iostream missing typedefs WP
272 Missing parentheses around subexpression WP
273 Missing ios_base qualification on members of a dependent class 27 WP
274 a missing/impossible allocator requirement 20.1.5 WP
275 Wrong type in num_get::get() overloads WP
276 Assignable requirement for container value type overly strict 23.1 WP
277 Normative encouragement in allocator requirements unclear 20.1.5 NAD
278 What does iterator validity mean? WP
279 const and non-const iterators should have equivalent typedefs 23.1 NAD
280 Comparison of reverse_iterator to const reverse_iterator 24.4.1 Open
281 std::min() and max() requirements overly restrictive 25.3.7 WP
282 What types does numpunct grouping refer to? WP
283 std::replace() requirement incorrect/insufficient 25.2.4 WP
284 unportable example in 20.3.7, p6 20.3.7 WP
285 minor editorial errors in fstream ctors WP
286 <cstdlib> requirements missing size_t typedef 25.4 WP
287 conflicting ios_base fmtflags NAD
288 <cerrno> requirements missing macro EILSEQ 19.3 WP
289 <cmath> requirements missing C float and long double versions 26.5 NAD
290 Requirements to for_each and its function object 25.1.1 Open
291 Underspecification of set algorithms 25.3.5 WP
292 effects of a.copyfmt (a) WP
293 Order of execution in transform algorithm 25.2.3 NAD
294 User defined macros and standard headers Open
295 Is abs defined in <cmath>? 26.5 WP
296 Missing descriptions and requirements of pair operators 20.2.2 NAD
297 const_mem_fun_t<>::argument_type should be const T* 20.3.8 WP
298 ::operator delete[] requirement incorrect/insufficient WP
299 Incorrect return types for iterator dereference 24.1.4 Open
300 list::merge() specification incomplete WP
301 basic_string template ctor effects clause omits allocator argument 21.3.1 WP
302 Need error indication from codecvt<>::do_length NAD
303 Bitset input operator underspecified WP
304 Must *a return an lvalue when a is an input iterator? 24.1 NAD
305 Default behavior of codecvt<wchar_t, char, mbstate_t>::length() WP
306 offsetof macro and non-POD types 18.1 WP
307 Lack of reference typedefs in container adaptors 23.2.3 WP
308 Table 82 mentions unrelated headers 27 WP
309 Does sentry catch exceptions? 27.6 Open
310 Is errno a macro? WP
311 Incorrect wording in basic_ostream class synopsis WP
312 Table 27 is missing headers 20 WP
313 set_terminate and set_unexpected question NAD
314 Is the stack unwound when terminate() is called? NAD
315 Bad "range" in list::unique complexity WP
316 Vague text in Table 69 23.1.2 WP
317 Instantiation vs. specialization of facets 22 WP
318 Misleading comment in definition of numpunct_byname WP
319 Storage allocation wording confuses "Required behavior", "Requires" WP
320 list::assign overspecified WP
321 Typo in num_get WP
322 iterator and const_iterator should have the same value type 23.1 WP
323 abs() overloads in different headers 26.5 NAD Future
324 Do output iterators have value types? 24.1.2 WP
325 Misleading text in moneypunct<>::do_grouping WP
326 Missing typedef in moneypunct_byname NAD
327 Typo in time_get facet in table 52 WP
328 Bad sprintf format modifier in money_put<>::do_put() WP
329 vector capacity, reserve and reallocation WP
330 Misleading "exposition only" value in class locale definition 22.1.1 NAD
331 bad declaration of destructor for ios_base::failure WP
332 Consider adding increment and decrement operators to std::fpos< T > 27.4.3 NAD
333 does endl imply synchronization with the device? WP
334 map::operator[] specification forces inefficient implementation WP
335 minor issue with char_traits, table 37 21.1.1 WP
336 Clause 17 lack of references to deprecated headers 17 WP
337 replace_copy_if's template parameter should be InputIterator 25.2.4 WP
338 is whitespace allowed between `-' and a digit? 22.2 WP
339 definition of bitmask type restricted to clause 27 22.2.1 WP
340 interpretation of has_facet<Facet>(loc) WP
341 Vector reallocation and swap WP
342 seek and eofbit Open
343 Unspecified library header dependencies 21 NAD Future
344 grouping + showbase 22.2.2 NAD
345 type tm in <cwchar> 21.4 WP
346 Some iterator member functions should be const 24.1 WP
347 locale::category and bitmask requirements WP
348 Minor issue with std::pair operator< 20.2.2 NAD Future
349 Minor typographical error in ostream_iterator 24.5.2 WP
350 allocator<>::address NAD Future
351 unary_negate and binary_negate: struct or class? 20.3 NAD
352 missing fpos requirements 21.1.2 WP
353 std::pair missing template assignment 20.2.2 NAD Future
354 Associative container lower/upper bound requirements 23.1.2 WP
355 Operational semantics for a.back() 23.1.1 WP
356 Meaning of ctype_base::mask enumerators 22.2.1 Open
357 <cmath> float functions cannot return HUGE_VAL 26.5 NAD
358 interpreting thousands_sep after a decimal_point WP
359 num_put<>::do_put (..., bool) undocumented WP
360 locale mandates inefficient implementation 22.1.1 WP
361 num_get<>::do_get (..., void*&) checks grouping NAD
362 bind1st/bind2nd type safety Open
363 Missing exception specification in WP
364 Inconsistent wording in WP
365 Lack of const-qualification in clause 27 27 WP
366 Excessive const-qualification 27 Open
367 remove_copy/remove_copy_if and Input Iterators 25.2.7 NAD
368 basic_string::replace has two "Throws" paragraphs Open
369 io stream objects and static ctors 27.3 Review
370 Minor error in basic_istream::get WP
371 Stability of multiset and multimap member functions 23.1 Open
372 Inconsistent description of stdlib exceptions NAD
373 Are basic_istream and basic_ostream to use (exceptions()&badbit) != 0 ? WP
374 moneypunct::frac_digits returns int not unsigned NAD
375 basic_ios should be ios_base in WP
376 basic_streambuf semantics Open
377 basic_string::insert and length_error NAD
378 locale immutability and locale::operator=() 22.1.1 Review
379 nonsensical ctype::do_widen() requirement WP
380 typos in codecvt tables 53 and 54 WP
381 detection of invalid mbstate_t in codecvt WP
382 codecvt do_in/out result Open
383 Bidirectional iterator assertion typo 24.1.4 WP
384 equal_range has unimplementable runtime complexity Open
385 Does call by value imply the CopyConstructible requirement? 17 Open
386 Reverse iterator's operator[] has impossible return type Review
387 std::complex over-encapsulated 26.2 Open
388 Use of complex as a key in associative containers 26.2 NAD Future
389 Const overload of valarray::operator[] returns by value 26.3.2 WP
390 CopyConstructible requirements too strict 20.1.3 NAD Future
391 non-member functions specified as const WP
392 'equivalence' for input iterators 24.1.1 NAD
394 behavior of formatted output on failure Open
395 inconsistencies in the definitions of rand() and random_shuffle() 26.5 WP
396 what are characters zero and one Open
397 ostream::sentry dtor throws exceptions Open
398 effects of end-of-file on unformatted input functions Open
399 volations of unformatted input function requirements NAD
400 redundant type cast in lib.allocator.members WP
401 incorrect type casts in table 32 in lib.allocator.requirements 20.1.5 Open
402 wrong new expression in [some_]allocator::construct 20.1.5 WP
403 basic_string::swap should not throw exceptions WP
404 May a replacement allocation function be declared inline? WP
405 qsort and POD 25.4 Ready
406 vector::insert(s) exception safety Review
407 Can singular iterators be destroyed? 24.1 WP
408 Is vector<reverse_iterator<char*> > forbidden? 24.1 Open
409 Closing an fstream should clear error state Review
410 Missing semantics for stack and queue comparison operators Ready
411 Wrong names of set member functions 25.3.5 WP
412 Typo in Ready
413 Proposed resolution to LDR#64 still wrong Review
414 Which iterators are invalidated by v.erase()? WP
415 behavior of std::ws Ready
416 definitions of XXX_MIN and XXX_MAX macros in climits 18.2.2 Open
417 what does ctype::do_widen() return on failure Open
418 exceptions thrown during iostream cleanup Open
419 istream extractors not setting failbit if eofbit is already set Open
420 is std::FILE a complete type? 27.8.1 WP
421 is basic_streambuf copy-constructible? Open
422 explicit specializations of member functions of class templates Open
423 effects of negative streamsize in iostreams 27 Open
424 normative notes Open
425 return value of std::get_temporary_buffer 20.4.3 Ready
426 search_n(), fill_n(), and generate_n() with negative n 25.1.9 Ready
427 stage 2 and rationale of DR 221 Open
428 string::erase(iterator) validity WP
429 typo in basic_ios::clear(iostate) Dup
430 valarray subset operations Open
431 Swapping containers with unequal allocators 20.1.5 Open
432 stringbuf::overflow() makes only one write position available Ready
433 Contradiction in specification of unexpected() NAD
434 bitset::to_string() hard to use Review
435 bug in DR 25 Ready
436 are cv-qualified facet types valid facets? WP
437 Formatted output of function pointers is confusing NAD
438 Ambiguity in the "do the right thing" clause 23.1.1 Review
439 Should facets be copyable? 22.2 NAD
440 Should std::complex use unqualified transcendentals? 26.2.8 NAD
441 Is fpos::state const? 27.4.3 Ready
442 sentry::operator bool() inconsistent signature Ready
443 filebuf::close() inconsistent use of EOF Ready
444 Bad use of casts in fstream 27.8.1 Review
445 iterator_traits::reference unspecified for some iterator categories 24.3.1 Review
446 Iterator equality between different containers 24.1 Open
447 Wrong template argument for time facets Dup
448 Random Access Iterators over abstract classes 24.1.5 Ready
449 Library Issue 306 Goes Too Far 18.1 Ready
450 set::find is inconsistent with associative container requirements 23.3.3 Dup
451 Associative erase should return an iterator 23.1.2 Dup
452 locale::combine should be permitted to generate a named locale Review
453 basic_stringbuf::seekoff need not always fail for an empty stream Review
454 basic_filebuf::open should accept wchar_t names Review
455 cerr::tie() and wcerr::tie() are overspecified 27.3 Review
456 Traditional C header files are overspecified Open
457 bitset constructor: incorrect number of initialized bits Review
458 24.1.5 contains unintented limitation for operator- 24.1.5 Open
459 Requirement for widening in stage 2 is overspecification Open
460 Default modes missing from basic_fstream member specifications 27.8.1 New
461 time_get hard or impossible to implement New
462 Destroying objects with static storage duration 3.6.3 New
463 auto_ptr usability issues 20.4.5 New
464 Suggestion for new member functions in standard containers 23.2.4 New
465 Contents of <ciso646> New
466 basic_string ctor should prevent null pointer error 21.3.1 New
467 char_traits::lt(), compare(), and memcmp() New
468 unexpected consequences of ios_base::operator void*() New
469 vector<bool> ill-formed relational operators 23.2.5 New
470 accessing containers from their elements' special functions 23 New
471 result of what() implementation-defined 18.6.1 New
472 Missing "Returns" clause in std::equal_range New
473 underspecified ctype calls New
474 confusing Footnote 297 New
475 May the function object passed to for_each modify the elements of the iterated sequence? 25.1.1 New
476 Forward Iterator implied mutability 24.1.3 New
477 Operator-> for const forward iterators 24.1.3 New
478 Should forward iterator requirements table have a line for r->m? 24.1.3 New
479 Container requirements and placement new 23.1 New
480 unary_function and binary_function should have protected nonvirtual destructors 20.3.1 New
481 unique's effects on the range [result, last) 25.2.8 New

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