Editor's Report

Document number:   N1578 = 04-0018
Date:   February 11, 2004
Project:   Programming Language C++
Reference:   ISO/IEC IS 14882:2003(E)
Reply to:   PJ Plauger
  Dinkumware, Ltd.
  Pete Becker
  Dinkumware, Ltd.

N1577=04-0017, Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++, contains the body of the standard, with all of the changes made at the Oxford and Kona meetings. It has diff marks reflecting these changes. Note that the diff marks are generated from the troff source files, and the results go through some further processing before being typeset; one consequence is that diff marks sometimes appear a line or two away from the actual difference, and sometimes persist for several lines, especially in tables and footnotes. The marks should be taken as a guide to where changes occurred, and not as literal truth.

Thanks to Steve Adamczyk, Beman Dawes, Barry Hedquist, Jens Maurer, Mike Miller, John Spicer, and Daveed Vandevoorde for their efforts in editing and reviewing the draft.

There were a few places where the changes described in the defect reports did not accurately reflect the intent of the report. When the intent was clear and the correct wording was obvious, we made the correction: