Editor's Report

Document number:   N1656 = 04-0096
Date:   July 16, 2004
Project:   Programming Language C++
Reference:   ISO/IEC IS 14882:2003(E)
Reply to:   Pete Becker
  Dinkumware, Ltd.

In General · Structural Changes · Editorial Changes · Thanks · Future

In General

N1655=04-0095, Unofficial Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++, contains the current text of the standard, including all of the changes made at the Sydney meeting. The body of the text should be the same as the body of N1638=04-0078 in the post-Sydney mailing, except as noted under Editorial Changes, below.

The draft is labeled "Unofficial" because it was generated from a new set of source files, written in LaTeX. Most of the content of the new files was generated mechanically from the troff source files for the current Working Draft. Every page of text in the new draft has been proofread by at least one committee member (see Thanks, below). The proofreaders found many minor errors such as missing punctuation marks, incorrect alignment in code snippets, and incorrect fonts. All of these have been fixed. There were only two errors that were more serious: A sentence in a note was dropped from the text, and the word "or" was dropped from the end of an entry in an itemized list. These, too, have been fixed. I'm confident that the proofreaders found most of the errors in the LaTeX files, and that any remaining errors are no more serious than those that have already been found.

Structural Changes

The following elements that were not in N1638 have been added:

The fonts have changed. In particular, code listings are in a bolder font than before, which makes them stand out more.

In the library clauses, the layout of discussions of library elements has been redesigned to make them easier to follow. Each element identifier (typically a function signature) is displayed at the left margin, and the text that describes that element is indented.

For the 2003 TC, ISO required paragraph numbers and footnote numbers to be the same as they were in the 1998 release. When paragraphs or footnotes were added they got numbers like "132a" to avoid affecting subsequent numbers. N1655 does away with this, so paragraph numbers and footnote numbers are sometimes different from the numbers of corresponding text in previous versions of the Working Draft.

The chapter headings, page headers, and page footers are different from those in N1638. They're not finalized. Expect them to change in the future.

Editorial Changes

The goal for this "Unofficial" draft was to create a new document with the same text as the current Working Draft. I confess, however, to being unable to resist adding a missing comma or two, correcting a couple of spelling errors, and changing the verb "set" to "sets" in two places, to match its singular subject.


My thanks to the following committee members for their proofreading efforts. It was a tedious job, but important. Well done.

Thanks, also, to Matt Austern for putting together the LaTeX framework for TR1, which provided a solid basis for this effort, and for his suggestions and contributions to the changes in that framework that make this document possible.

And finally, thanks to the previous project editor, Andy Koenig, for keeping the troff source files clean and consistent, which made it possible to do most of the translation to LaTeX mechanically.


At the Redmond meeting I will ask the committee to approve using the LaTeX version as the Working Draft.