Doc No: SC22/WG21/N1714 J16/04-0154 Date: October 17, 2004 Project: JTC1.22.32 Reply to: Robert Klarer IBM Canada, Ltd.

Minutes of ISO WG21 Meeting, October 17, 2004

1. Opening and introductions

Sutter called the meeting to order at 18:10(GMT+10:00) on October 17, 2004. There were 8 countries represented.

1.1 Welcome from host

Sutter, speaking on behalf of Microsoft, discussed arrangements for this meeting.

1.2 Roll call of technical experts

Name Country HOD?
Steve Adamczyk USA
Matt Austern USA
Pete Becker USA
Walter Brown USA
Steve Clamage USA
Gabriel Dos Reis France Yes
Francis Glassborow UK Yes
Seiji Hayashida Japan Yes
Robert Klarer Canada Yes
Dietmar Kühl Germany Yes
Clark Nelson USA Yes
Thorsten Ottosen UK
Tana Plauger USA
Tom Plum USA
Michiel Salters Netherlands Yes
Bjarne Stroustrup USA
Herb Sutter (Convenor)
Detlef Vollman Switzerland Yes

1.3 Adopt agenda

Evening sessions were added to the agenda. Agenda adopted as amended by unanimous consent.

1.4 Select drafting committee.

Adamczyk, Austern, Glassborow, and Ottosen were named to the drafting committee.

1.5 Approve minutes from last meeting

Approved by unanimous consent.

1.6 Review action items from previous meeting

Action item for Nelson: review the list of reflector subscribers to identify individuals who no longer qualify for access to the reflectors and ask them if they want to remain subscribers. This item remains open.

2. Status, liaison, and action item reports

2.1 Small group status reports

Library Working Group (LWG)

The LWG intends to vote out the library TR as a draft soon. The document that will be voted out will appear in the post-meeting mailing. The vote will have to be conducted by letter ballot, or at the next meeting.

Austern indicated concern that there are new proposals for library extensions, but no time to discuss them at this meeting. We will have to have evening technical sessions to discuss them at all. These proposals are not intended for inclusion in TR1, but possibly TR2.

Becker suggested that, if the committee is scheduling evening sessions to do this work, that indicates that more meeting time is required, not more evening sessions.

Glassborow asked whether there should be more library working groups.

Core Working Group (CWG)

Adamczyk reported that the CWG will be doing a relatively small amount of issue resolution, and will also spend time meeting jointly with the evolution group. Adamczyk estimates that about half the time will be spent meeting jointly with evolution.

Evolution Working Group (EWG)

Stroustrup reported that there are 80 proposals on the EWG issue lists; we need a way to deal with or reduce this large number. We need to set up groups that will discuss clusters of proposals.

2.2 Liaison Reports

2.2.1 SC22 report

The SC22 plenary meeting took place last month in Jeju City, South Korea, outside Seoul. John Benito represented WG21.

Two working groups were disbanded: WG15 (POSIX), and WG20 (Internationalization).

2.2.2 SC22/WG14 (C) report

deferred to Monday session

2.2.3 SC22/WG15 (POSIX) report

This agenda item will be removed.

2.2.4 SC22/WG20 (Internationalization) report

This agenda item will be removed.

2.2.5 TG5 (C++ CLI) report

3. New Business

3.1 Defect Report procedures

3.2 Performance TR status

Passed. This item will be removed from the minutes in the future.

3.3 Library TR status and planning

The NWIP for TR2 has passed. Sutter encouraged Austern to direct as many library proposals as possible to TR2, not a future revision of the C++ standard.

Organize evening sessions

Austern reported that Hash Tables, Policy-Based Smart Pointer frameworks, and possibly Threads are topics for discussion in library technical sessions.

Stroustrup indicated that the EWG needs an evening session session on directions.

Sutter suggested a technical session for Stroustrup on Wednesday evening, starting at 7:30pm, and a technical session on Monday evening for discussion of hash tables, smart pointers, and threading, starting at 7:30pm. Austern will chair discussion of hash tables and smart pointers until no later than 9:00pm. Then Glassborow will chair discussion of threading.

4. Review and approve resolutions and issues

5. Closing process

5.1 Establish next agenda

The next agenda will be the same as for this meeting, minus a liaison report for each of the now-defunct SC22 Working Groups, and the status report on the Performance TR.

5.2 Future meetings

April 10-15, 2004: Lillehammer, Norway.

October 2-7, 2005: Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada. WG21/J16, WG14/J11, and the SC22 plenary will meet consecutively at this location.

5.3 Future mailings

deferred to Friday session

5.4 Review action items

5.5 Other Business

5.6 Thank the host

5.7 Adjournment