Document number: P0729R0
Date:            2017-07-11
Project:         Programming Language C++, Library Working Group
Reply-to:        Christopher Kohlhoff <>

Proposed wording for Networking TS NB comment GB 9


This paper addresses National Body Comment against the Networking TS GB 9.

All changes are relative to N4656.

LEWG discussion notes

Bug 300 - [Networking] PDTS ballot comment 018 (GB9): user-provided overloads of buffer_size intended?

Proposed wording

Insert a new subclause under 16.2 [buffer.reqmts], after 16.2.2 [buffer.reqmts.constbuffersequence]:

-16.2.?- Buffer size [buffer.reqmts.size]

-1- Several places in this Technical Specification make unqualified calls to buffer_size. The context in which these calls are evaluated shall ensure that a unary non-member function named buffer_size is selected via overload resolution (C++Std [over.match]) on a candidate set that includes: