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Focusing on ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35
User interfaces

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The area of work of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC35:

Standardization in the field of user-system interfaces in information and communication technology (ICT) environments and support for these interfaces to serve all users, including people having accessibility or other specific needs, with a priority of meeting the JTC 1 requirements for cultural and linguistic adaptability.

This includes:

Secretariat: AFNOR
Chairman Dr. Khalid Choukri
Secretary Mme Mélissa Jean

The SC35 Business plan 2015-2016 and Programme of work are available from AFNOR.

Since 2001 SC35 has produced a number of published standards and technical reports.

Working Groups

The JTC 1/SC 35 has 7 Working Groups :

Working groupConvener
WG1 : Keyboards and Input Interfaces and Methods M Alain LaBonté
WG2 : Graphical User Interface and Interaction Dr Yoshikazu Yamamoto
WG4 : User Interfaces for Mobile Devices Dr Yoshikazu Yamamoto
WG5 : Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability M Thibault Grouas
WG6 : User Interface Accessibility Dr Jim Carter
WG7 : User Interfaces Object, Actions and Attributes Dr Jim Carter
Disbanded WG8 : Remote User Interactions Dr Gottfried Zimmermann
WG9 : Natural User Interfaces and Interactions Pr Jee-in Kim


SC35 has the following member countries:

Canada ( SCC/CCN ), Switzerland ( SNV ), China ( SAC ), Germany ( DIN ), Denmark ( DS ), Greece ( ELOT ), Spain ( AENOR ), Finland ( SFS ), France ( AFNOR ), United Kingdom ( BSI ), India ( BIS ), Italy ( UNI ), Japan ( JISC ), Korea, Republic of ( KATS ), Russian Federation ( GOST R ), Sweden ( SIS ), USA ( ANSI ), South Africa ( SABS ),

Austria ( ASI ), Belgium ( NBN ), Bosnia Herzegovina ( BAS ) Bulgaria ( BDS ), Czech Republic ( UNMZ ), Ireland ( NSAI ), Ghana ( GSB ), Hungary ( MSZT ), Indonesia ( BSN ), Iran( ISIRI ), Israel( SII ), Kenya ( KEBS ), Netherlands ( NEN ), Poland ( PKN ) Romania ( ASRO ) Serbia ( ISS ) Ukraine ( DSSU ),


Future meetings:
2020-01-13/17Busan, Korea,
2021-03London, England

Past meetings:

Plenaries and General Orientation Meetings (GOM)

2019-07-29/08-02Shanghai, ChinaResolutions N2973
2019-02-18/22Dublin, IrelandResolutions N2929
2018-08-27/31Okayama, JapanResolutions N2868
2018-02-12/16Genève, Switzerland (GOM) Resolutions N2826
2017-07-24/28 Paris, France Resolutions N2764
2017-02-06/10 Berlin, Germany (GOM) Resolutions N2706
2016-08-01/05 Seoul, Republic of KoreaResolutions N2317
2016-02-15/19 Rome, Italy (GOM) Resolutions N2267
2015-08-31/09-04 Sapporo, Japan Resolutions N2230
2015-01-19/23 (GOM)Copenhagen, DenmarkResolutions N2200
2014-07-07/11Hangzhou, China Resolutions N2160
2014-02-10/14 (only working groups)Barcelona, Spain Resolutions N2120
2013-08-26/30Saskatoon, Canada Resolutions N2080
2013-02-18/22Busan, Korea Resolutions N2000
2012-08-27/31Paris, FranceResolutions N1900
2012-02-20/24Kyoto, Japan Resolutions N1800
2011-08-29/09-02Warsaw, PolandResolutions N1720
2011-02-21/25Bellevue, Seattle, USA (GOM)Resolutions N1650
2010-08-23/27Venice, ItalyResolutions N1600
2010-02-22/26Madrid, Spain (GOM)Resolutions N1525
2009-08-22/26Saskatoon, CanadaResolutions N1460
2009-02-16/20Berlin, Germany (GOM)Resolutions N1390
2008-09-08/12Napoli, ItalyResolutions N1330
2008-02-17/23Fukuoka, JapanResolutions N1250
2007-08-20/24Québec, CanadaResolutions N1200
2007-02-19/23Paris, FranceResolutions N1150
2006-09-04/08Jeju, KoreaResolutions N1053

Related information

Public documents and procedures are available from AFNOR.

All SC35 commitee documents are available from AFNOR.

ISO/IEC JTC 1 (Information Technology Standards) also have ISO SC35 related web pages.

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