ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N636

                          Document Number:  WG14 N636/X3J11 96-100
                               C9X Revision Proposal
       Title: ____Implicit function declaration removal____________
       Author: _____________Larry Jones____________________________
       Author Affiliation: _SDRC___________________________________
       Postal Address: _____2000 Eastman Dr, Milford, OH 45150_____
       E-mail Address: _____larry.jones@sdrc.com___________________
       Telephone Number: ___513-576-2070___________________________
       Fax Number: _________513-576-2843___________________________
       Sponsor: ____________Larry Jones____________________________
       Date: _______________30 December 1996_______________________
       Proposal Category:
          __ Editorial change/non-normative contribution
          __ Correction
          __ New feature
          __ Addition to obsolescent feature list
          __ Addition to Future Directions
          x_ Other (please specify)  Removal of feature____________
       Area of Standard Affected:
          __ Environment
          x_ Language
          __ Preprocessor
          __ Library
             __ Macro/typedef/tag name
             __ Function
             __ Header
          __ Other (please specify)  ______________________________
       Prior Art: _________________________________________________
       Target Audience: _C Programmers_____________________________
       Related Documents (if any): ________________________________
       Proposal Attached: x_ Yes __ No, but what's your interest?


        At previous meetings, there has been overwhelming sentiment for
        removing the ``implicit int'' declarations from the language and
        requiring explicit declarations instead.  This prevents subtle
        errors due to undeclared identifiers being implicitly declared
        rather than producing a diagnostic.  This proposal handles one
        such case -- the implicit declaration of functions.


        In subclause Function calls, Semantics, remove the second
        paragraph (``If the expression that precedes the parenthesized
        argument list in a function call consists solely of an
        identifier, and if no declaration is visible....'') and
        the associated footnote.