ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N702

                    Document Number:  WG14 N702/J11 97-065

                        C9X Revision Proposal

Title: Boolean as a new type, revision 2
Author: Frank Farance
Author Affiliation: Farance Inc.
Postal Address: 555 Main Street, New York, NY, 10044-0150, USA
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Sponsor: NCITS/J11
Date: 1997-05-23
Proposal Category:
   __ Editorial change/non-normative contribution
   __ Correction
   X_ New feature
   __ Addition to obsolescent feature list
   __ Addition to Future Directions
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Area of Standard Affected:
   __ Environment
   X_ Language
   __ Preprocessor
   __ Library
      __ Macro/typedef/tag name
      __ Function
      __ Header
Prior Art: C++
Target Audience: C programmers
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This proposal is for adding boolean as a new type, not just
a macro for an existing integer type.  At the Kona meeting,
we approved a Boolean type with standards words to be
supplied.  The following are the changes to the standard.

In subclause 6.1.1, Keywords, add the keyword "bool".

In subclause, Types, add after paragraph #1 the

        An object declared as type "bool" is large enough to
        store the values "true" and "false" and shall have
        values 1 and 0, respectively.

In subclause, Types, change the first sentence in
paragraphs #10 and #16 from:

        The type "char", ...


        The type "bool", the type "char", ...

In subclause 6.2.1, Characters and integers:

        Change the title to ``Boolean values, characters,
        and integers''.

        Change the first sentence from

                A "char"


                A "bool", a "char"

        Add paragraph #3:

                When a value with integral type is demonted
                to a "bool", the result is "false" if the
                value is 0, and "true" otherwise.