ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N781

SC22/WG14 N781   J11/97-145

Correction to N764 (issues about time)
Clive D.W. Feather

Part E of N764 turned out to be based on a fallacy. This document contains
a new part E and consequential changes in part F.

Part E
[Was N735 item 22]

The only facilities for generating the time zone are a locale-specific
specifier (%Z) in strftime(). However, ISO 8601 provides a standard numeric
format which gives the offset from UTC: "+0100" is one hour east of
Greenwich (British Summer Time, Western European Standard time) and "-0430"
is four and a half hours west of Greenwich (Newfoundland Standard Time).

Add the following conversion specifier to subclause (strftime())
paragraph 3:

    %z  is replaced by the offset from UTC in the form "-0430" (meaning
        4 hours 30 minutes behind UTC, west of Greenwich). This is the
        ISO 8601 format.

Part F
[[Change the two paragraphs to be:]]

If part E is accepted, add:
    %z [tm_isdst]

If part H is accepted, then %z and %Z become
    %z [tm_utcoffset, tm_isdst, tm_xisdst].
    %Z [tm_utcoffset, tm_isdst, tm_xisdst].