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		     WG14/J11 Meeting Information
			  2-6 February 1998

      Keaton Consulting is pleased to host the next meeting of
 WG14/J11 in Frisco, Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains.

 Location:		Holiday Inn
			1129 N. Summit Blvd.
			Frisco, Colorado  80443
			Voice:  +1 970 668 5000
			Fax:    +1 970 668 0718
			US toll-free reservations:  +1 800 HOLIDAY

 Cutoff Date:		Please reserve your room by 1 January 1998.

      A block of rooms at the Holiday Inn has been reserved under the
 group name "ISO C" at the special meeting rate of 129 USD per day
 single occupancy.  The rooms have been reserved from the Saturday
 night before the meeting through the Saturday night after the
 meeting.  The hotel is a 1.5 hour drive or shuttle ride west from
 Denver International Airport on a major interstate highway, I-70.  It
 is located in the Rocky Mountains, just west of the North American
 Continental Divide, at an altitude of approximately 2900m
 (approximately 9500 feet) above sea level.

      The hotel is adjacent to the Frisco exit from I-70 (exit 201),
 on the south side of the highway, easily visible before taking the
 exit.  From Denver International Airport, simply follow the exit road
 for 10 minutes to I-70, and then go west for about 1.5 hours.

      Car rentals are unnecessary but can be obtained at Denver
 International Airport.  A shuttle runs from the airport to the hotel
 and back 9 times a day at a special "ISO C" rate of 35 USD each way.
 The shuttle company is Resort Express, +1 970 468 7600, or US
 toll-free at +1 800 334 7433.

      Free bus lines link the hotel with surrounding attractions,
 including local ski areas such as Arapahoe Basin, Breckenridge,
 Copper Mountain, and Keystone.  The free bus lines also go to other
 recreational facilities including areas for cross-country skiing and
 snowmobiling, as well as nearby towns.  A low-cost bus goes to Vail
 and Beaver Creek.
      If you rent a car, please be aware that there could be a snow
 storm in progress when you arrive, which will require special driving
 skills and lengthen travel times.

 Questions:		David Keaton
			Keaton Consulting
			1630 30th Street, No. 311
			Boulder, Colorado  80301
			Voice:      +1 500 FIND DMK (+1 500 346 3365)
			Alternate:  +1 303 442 0284
			Fax:        +1 303 442 0598
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		 How to Enjoy High Altitude Locations

      At nearly two miles above sea level, your visit can best be
 enjoyed by having the proper respect for the effects of high
 altitude, and preparing for them.  The rarefied atmosphere does
 affect logistics.

 Dry Skin:		You will probably want to bring some good,
			nongreasy hand cream even if you normally
			never use any.  Lip balm is helpful as well.

 Altitude Sickness:	There is 30-40% less oxygen at this altitude
			than at sea level.  Most people will never
			notice the difference except during vigorous
			exercise.  However, a few people sometimes
			have difficulty.  If you get severe headaches
			while visiting, it is best to see a doctor
			because it might be altitude sickness.
			Doctors in the area can prescribe medicine
			that will help.  The ultimate cure is just to
			return to a lower altitude for a while.

			If you think you might be susceptible to
			altitude sickness, it would be best to spend a
			night in Denver (about half the altitude of
			Frisco) before coming to the meeting.
			Gradually increasing the altitude can lessen
			the probability of altitude sickness.

 Physical Exertion:	People in good physical shape will be capable
			of exercising just as hard at high altitude as
			at sea level, although for a shorter amount of
			time.  Even so, it is best for everyone to
			avoid exertion for the first day in Frisco.
			This gives the body time to adapt to the new
			conditions and will make exercise easier later
			on during the visit.  It also reduces the
			probability of altitude sickness.

 Temperature:		Expect anywhere from -20C to 0C (-4F to 32F).
			If a warm front comes through, it could get
			warmer than this.  When outdoors, it is best
			to dress in removable layers because the
			temperature can vary considerably during the

			If you plan to go night skiing at Keystone (an
			experience not to be missed), prepare for
			temperatures as low as -25C (-13F) at the top.
			This is a feature, not a bug.  Below about
			-7F, the snow takes on a special quality of
			slipperiness that makes skiing even more fun.

 Weather:		Highly variable.  There could be a blizzard or
			you might never see a cloud the entire time.
			The only thing I can promise is no rain.