ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 N1282

                                       Doc No:   SC22/WG21/N1282
                                       Date:     26 October 2000
                                       Project:  JTC1.22.32
                                       Ref Doc:
                                       Reply to: Nicolai Josuttis

Request for Library TR

We are requesting a new working item to produce a Technical Report
of type 2 (material that will become a standard at later time)
for library issues of the C++ Standard.

The goal of this TR is:
- to provide extensions or modifications that fix those parts
  of the library that are broken according to
  the goal of library components but aren't considered
  to be defects in the strict sense (e.g. const correctness).
- to provide extensions that complete those parts
  of the library that are missing according to
  the goals of completeness of library components
  (e.g. missing function adaptors).
- to provide supplementary components that extend
  the C++ standard library.

It is the purpose of this working item that the work is done
by the existing library working group in parallel to the working
for upcoming defect reports. Thus, no extra working group
is requested.

German Delegation