ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 N1283

                                       Doc No:   SC22/WG21/N1283
                                       Date:     26 October 2000
                                       Project:  JTC1.22.32
                                       Ref Doc:
                                       Reply to: Nicolai Josuttis

A New Work Item Proposal: Technical Report for Library Issues

 WG21 proposes to SC22 authorization for a new work item for WG21
 for the production of a Technical Report (type 2).
 The substance of the report to be the development of material
 for consideration for incorporation in the library clauses
 of the next revision of the C++ Standard.

 - to encapsulate existing practice
 - to focus attention on development of appropriate APIs
 - to provide logical additions to the container and algorithm
   parts of the C++ Standard Library