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News 2004-12-16: The new I18NRG rapporteur group has got a Rapporteur appointed, see SC22 N3839
News 2004-12-16: The SC22 I18NRG will meet in Tokyo Japan 2005-03-16/18, see SC22 N3836
News 2002-11-16:
14651 PDAM 1 - Sorting
CD2 of 15897 - Cultural registry
Final Text of 14652 - Cultural Specification format (locales)

ISO/IEC   JTC1/SC22/WG20 was responsible for internationalization in SC22 and the rest of JTC1. The WG20 was disbanded at the SC22 plenary in Jeju city, Korea, September 2004. Internationalization is often abbreviated i18n, as there is 18 letters between the initial "i" and the ending "n" in "internationalization". Likewise the related term "localization" is abbreviated "l10n".

Approved international standards and other specifications produced include:

To obtain the international standards, please contact your national member body.

Work on projects and their milestones include:

Other information available is:

If you want further information, or want to participate, please contact your national member body or one of the contact addresses of the WG.